MWBP comments on XHTML Basic 1.1

The Mobile Web Best Practices Group welcomes the new draft and 
congratulates the HTML working group on its publication. Central to 
BPWG's mission is the desire to make the Web more readily usable on 
mobile devices. The introduction of the input mode module is therefore 
highly welcome. We wish to make just three specific comments:

1. We think that the continuing inconsistency between XHTML Basic and 
XHTML-MP is a serious problem and that there must be a priority on 
aligning them. We understand that the OMA has submitted detailed 
comments about those inconsistencies and so we do not add further comment.

2. The feature set included in XHTML Basic goes beyond what is often 
implemented in mobile devices. Hence our work in developing Best 
Practices that show how to work within the present paradigm. We ask what 
input the XHTML Basic specification has had from Mobile Device 
Manufacturers and Mobile Browser Vendors? Is there dialogue taking place 
that can lead to full implementation in the near to medium term future? 
We are concerned that continued development of partial implementations 
makes life extremely difficult for content developers. Commitment to 
consistent and complete implementations is what is needed.

3. BPWG asks the HTML WG to consider including a reference to the Best 
Practice document for developers of mobile web sites [1].

Phil Archer
On behalf of Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group


Phil Archer
Chief Technical Officer, ICRA

Working for a Safer Internet

Received on Friday, 4 August 2006 11:07:50 UTC