Re: The devices-universal websites "myth" and the semantic web

On 6/16/05, Kai Hendry <> wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 01:20:11PM +0300, Antti Martikainen wrote:
> > > 1.2) Can I use a single structure ?
> > > -----------------------------------
> > No, not really, if you truly want to adapt content to the capabilities
> > of a device..
> In another words. Yes! Unless you want your site to become device
> dependent, inconsistent, broken etc.
> > CSS apparently can be used for doing part of the job, but considering
> > the overall architecture of a large-scale commercial site, it is a
> > really bad solution. CSS is supposed to be about visualisation. Mapping
> > content to different kinds of devices is something else. And as was said,
> > it's bad to deliver additional content for small devices..
> Some "content" on a commercial site is really just "about visualisation"
> too. Anyway I've found CSS so badly supported on series 40 Nokia devices
> that this technique isn't really justified. Anyway the CSS doesn't stop
> the content being downloaded. So if you expensively downloaded all the
> content, why not see it all?!
> Again media types are also badly supported in mobiles. Try your mobile
> here:

As always you are negative and say bad things about everything.
What you say is most of the times a great idea in threory, but I
wonder how many real sites you have seen put in place what you say and
how many you realized yourself.


Andrea Trasatti
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