Re: Best Practices document - not best practices

Barbara Ballard wrote:

>> However, that supposed best-practices document is designed and/or  
>> coded to
>> prevent the browser from doing its job of trying to wrap the text  to fit
>> the user's chosen browser window width.  (Narrow the browser window  
>> and see
>> how the text extends off to the right instead of wrapping to fit  
>> within the
>> chosen width.)
> Most users of handheld mobile devices have no way to change the size of 
> their browser window.  

True, but how is that relevant?  Users of browsers on non-handheld,
non-mobile devices shouldn't have to change browser window sizes
or scroll horizontally just to read text that should have wrapped right
in the first place.

I think you missed my point:  It's a bit contradictory (hypocritical?)
for a page about best practices for the mobile web to not follow best
practices for the regular web.


Received on Tuesday, 19 July 2005 19:07:36 UTC