Re: [minutes] CT Call Tuesday 6 May 2008 Open AI

Thanks for the pointer Heiko,

I tend to think that, as a result of last weeks discussions, the 
one-time URI problem is already being addressed in the guidelines - as 
much as is possible, that is:
- we've put the emphasis to warn CT-vendors that issuing two requests 
instead of one should be avoided whenever possible.
- that's the typical case where the server has to add a Cache-Control: 
no-transform directive in the response.

I understand that means existing content may break, but the only other 
solution would be to state that only one request has to be sent by the 
CT-proxy and we'd re-enter the headers spoofing problem.

Plus: one-time URIs are not a "correct" use of HTTP. Even without 
content transformation, there is nothing that guarantees that the user 
actually received the response.


Gerlach, Heiko, VF-Group wrote:
> Hi All,
> Yesterday we discussed the isseu with the One Time Urls. We already 
> discussed it here.
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