Re: New Revision 1g of CT Guidelines

Thanks Jo,

The placeholders with references to the various actions are incredibly 

Just a small typo comment that I write here not to forget about it for 
our editors meeting: the document uses two different syntaxes to 
reference MAY, SHOULD, MUST. With capitalized letters and with bold 
letters. Unless there's a real reason behind that, I guess we should 
just choose one and stick to it...

We should also probably add a reference to the RFC 2119 that defines the 


Jo Rabin wrote:
> Hello CT Fans
> I've uploaded a new version of the CT Guidelines. You'll notice that
> there are a considerable number of editorial notes and placeholders for
> contributions (yes, that means you!)
> Francois and I can't really progress to our editors meeting without
> those contributions so please can you try to be timely in making them.
> lines/080313
> I'm afraid that I won't be able to attend the CT Call next Tuesday. 
> Jo

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