RE: [HTTPS] Thoughts on HTTPS Links rewriting

Sorry, while I checked the archives after Tom's message I came across this:

Sean Patterson wrote:

 > Here are some "non-contrived" examples from the U.S. where HTTPS
 > rewriting makes the sites more usable on a mobile phone:

I haven't checked those sites, so I'll grant a "maybe". 
But the point remains that the site owners, by using HTTPS,
have clearly signaled their intention to establish end2end security.

Now, albeit I don't agree with the W3C legal counsel on
that particular matter, Rigo argued on a separate (but 
closely related) issue, that web content can be transcoded
because there is a way to tell transcoders to refrain from 
doing that, if one really cares (i.e. the cache-control:no-transform header).
Applying the same logic here, HTTPS is the way to say that you don't
want anyone messing with your content between you and the final consumer 
of that content, i.e. even assuming you can break HTTPS in practice, you
cannot do so legally.


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