Verizon, guidelines


At the risk of reigniting old debates... I realised that we've not  
heard anything from Verizon for a little while (since they launched  
some grotty documentation for how to inhibit transcoding of services  
via their network).

A quick check this evening showed that they've updated their  
documentation wrt opting out of transcoding. The page refers to "W3C  
addressing models" which is still a bit iffy IMHO, but the PDF they  
link to now refers to using domain names, MIME types, DOCTYPEs, LINK  
tags or no-transform to inhibit transcoding. New version can be  
downloaded from

They're not fully compliant with the W3C doc, but given that it's not  
finished I don't think we can hold that against them (yet). Definitely  
closer to both Manifesto and CTG tho, so a step in the right direction.


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Received on Friday, 19 December 2008 02:15:53 UTC