[ACTION-890] definition of pagination

As per the action, the definition of "pagination" must be placed where the term appears in the CTG for the first time. 

This is in 2.2. I propose modifying paragraph 2.2-2.a as follows:


Content restructuring is a process whereby the original layout is altered so that content is added or removed, or where the spatial or navigational relationships of parts of the content are altered. This can take the form of e.g. linearization (i.e. reordering presentation elements, especially tables, so that they fit on a narrow display and can be traversed without horizontal scrolling) or pagination (i.e. splitting a document too large to be stored in or transmitted to the terminal in one piece, so that it can be nevertheless accessed by browsing through a succession of smaller interlinked fragments). It also includes rewriting URIs so that subsequent requests are routed via the proxy handling the response.


As a bonus, this gives a short definition of linearization as well.



Received on Friday, 5 December 2008 10:00:51 UTC