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Getting stuff done at W3C

From: Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2016 21:02:11 -0400
To: public-blockchain@w3.org
Message-ID: <57D20A13.2050401@digitalbazaar.com>
Hey folks,

Here's a blog post that might be useful to folks in this group regarding
getting stuff done at W3C.


Of particular note is the "W3C Working Group Formation Checklist":


While this isn't an official W3C checklist, I've found that doing things
in this order helps you survive the W3C process:

1. Clearly identify and articulate a problem statement.
2. Gather and document use cases.
3. Perform a gap analysis.
4. Produce a proposed architecture and technical specification.
5. Produce two implementations and a test suite.
6. Create a draft charter for a Working Group.
7. Create an executive summary for W3C member companies.
8. Survey organizations and demonstrate that at least 35 of them are
   supportive of the work and technical direction.

We should figure out what we want the work streams to be in this group
first. There seems to be rough consensus that "Chainpoint" would be

-- manu

Manu Sporny (skype: msporny, twitter: manusporny, G+: +Manu Sporny)
Founder/CEO - Digital Bazaar, Inc.
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