Workshop on Semantics for Big Data on the Internet of Things (SemBIoT 2014)

Workshop on Semantics for Big Data on the Internet of Things (SemBIoT 2014)
Co-located with IEEE Conference Big Data, Washington DC, USA
October 27 - 30, 2014.

The internet is rapidly evolving into an “Internet of Things” (IoT) that is
estimated to have more than 50 billion connected smart devices (in homes,
cars, hospitals, human wearable, etc.) by the year 2020.
This number excludes the massive number of “human sensors” that also
actively interact on the Internet using social media. These “things” on the
Internet will continuously sense their environments, interpret user
actions, and instruct their environments on how to react to perceived
external events.
Example applications abound in patient and elderly care, smart homes,
buildings, automobiles, industrial plants, the power grid, etc., which will
be monitored and controlled by different types of sensors and actuators.
Generation and transmission of data from the large number of devices on the
IoT will be continuous, giving rising to amounts of data that completely
dwarf our current notion of “Big Data”.
In addition to the volume and velocity of data, the wide variety of
devices, heterogeneity of data they produce, and their geographic
distribution, add significant complexities to IoT Big Data management.
Further, there is the issue of dynamicity because devices may join and
leave the network at different times due to connectivity issues or

Call For Papers

The goal of this workshop is to bridge the gap between research on Semantic
Web, IoT, sensor networks and data management and advance solutions to the
complex challenges of Big Data on the Internet of Things.
A fundamental theme of this workshop is the use of semantic techniques for
enabling automatic integration of heterogeneous data from different types
of data sources.
Therefore, the issue of scalability of semantic techniques in dynamic data
source environments is a key focus of this workshop.
Papers that address at least two out of the Volume, Variety and Velocity
dimensions of Big Data are particularly encouraged.

The workshop seeks novel contributions to topics including (but not limited
• Techniques for establishing semantic interoperability between a large
number of data source
• Reasoning and querying over distributed semantic data streams
• Distributed ontological reasoning with massive fact bases
• Semantic indexing techniques for discovery and search in dynamic data
source environments
• Real time large scale stream data mining / analytics
• Lightweight metadata modeling for resource-constrained environments
• Security and privacy of data on the Internet of Things
• Benchmarks
• Algorithms and data analysis methods for extracting meaning and value
from the Internet of Things
• Use case analysis involving the application of social media and Linked
Data methodologies in real world scenarios
• Data management for targeted IoT applications (e.g. smart health,
transportation, disaster response)
• Applications and use-cases

Important Dates
• August 16, 2014: Due date for full workshop papers submission

• September 20, 2014: Notification of paper acceptance to authors

• October 5, 2014: Camera-ready of accepted papers

Submission Instructions

Please submit a full-length paper (up to 7 pages IEEE 2-column format)
through the online submission system.
The workshop submission sites can be accessed through the joint
conference/workshops submission page

All papers accepted for workshops will be included in the Workshop
Proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society Press, made available at
the Conference.
Papers should be formatted to IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Manuscript
Formatting Guidelines.Templates and instructions can be found at

Workshop Chairs
• Kemafor Anyanwu, North Carolina State University, USA
• Payam Barnaghi, University of Surrey, UK
• Rajendra Akerkar, Western Norway Research Institute, Norway

Kemafor Anyanwu (Ogan), Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Rm 2270, EBII
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695

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