European Data Forum Call for Exhibits, Dublin, Ireland, 9. - 10. April 2013


As the Exhibition Chair of the European Data Forum I would like to bring this 
Call for Exhibits to your attention. Apologies to those who have seen this on 
other mailing lists, I am making an effort to reach somewhat disjunct 
communities, but obviously, there is some overlap in interest.

For those of you who prefer reading web pages, you will find the same 
information at

*Dublin, Ireland, 9. - 10. April 2013*
*Exhibition: Day 2: 10. April 2013 all day long* with special demo
session from 11.00am to 14.00pm.
First organized in 2012, the European Data Forum series is destined to
be the premier European Conference on the challenges and opportunities
of the emerging Big Data economy. Under the auspices of the European
Commission by the FP7 projects BIG, LOD2, Optique, PlanetData, envision,
EUCLID and TELEIOS, this year's conference seeks to bring together
practitioners that

  * Bring the latest research on Big Data
  * Bring Big Data solutions
  * Have Big Data challenges
  * Seek to kick-start their Big Data venture by exploiting Open Data
  * Are the top talent for hire

The exhibition area is an outstanding opportunity to showcase the
advances you have made to solve real-world Big Data challenges in the
marketplace of tomorrow.
We solicit exhibits showcasing deliverables. Whether commercial products
or academic contributions, the most interesting exhibits for this forum
are those that are polished and ready to be exploited by others in their
ventures. Submission will be reviewed by the Organization Committee of
the Forum according to their relevance to the scope and purpose of the
event and based on their novelty and maturity for adoption.
We distinguish between the following exhibition opportunities:

  * *Project/academic exhibits*: Exhibits showcasing academic/research
    contributions (free)
  * *Irish exhibits*: Exhibits showcasing Big Data technologies from
    Irish SMEs or NGOs (free)
  * *Commercial exhibits*: Exhibits showcasing commercial products or
    technologies (see available sponsorship packages

Each proposal for an exhib should provide the following information:

  * Type of exhibit proposed
  * Title of the exhibit
  * Organiser's short biography
  * Summary of the exhibition/demo  (100 words)
  * Details of technical and infrastructural requirements. 

*Submissions should be sent via mail to*:
with the subject "EDF 2013 Exhibit Submission"
For any questions on the Call for Exhibits (CfE) please get in touch
using the given email with *Kjetil Kjernsmo the EDF2013 Exhibition Chair!*
*The deadline for submissions is*: *11th Mar 2013, 02.00pm CET*.
Accepted exhibits will be notified on 15th Mar 2013

_Further Information about the European Data Forum_
EDF2013 website:
Overall EDF website:
LinkedIn Group:
hashtag: #EDF2013
Best regards,

Kjetil Kjernsmo
EDF 2013 Exhibition Chair
+47 986 48 234

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