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New types and properties in Schema.org

From: Richard Wallis <richard.wallis@dataliberate.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2019 11:57:39 +0100
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Hi all,

There was a new release of Schema.org (3.5
<https://schema.org/docs/releases.html#v3.5>) earlier this month which
includes several new Types & properties that will be useful when
representing bibliographic entities in Schema.org:

New Types: Manuscript <https://schema.org/Manuscript>, Poster
<https://schema.org/Poster>, Drawing <https://schema.org/Drawing>,
SheetMusic <https://schema.org/SheetMusic>, ShortStory
<https://schema.org/ShortStory>, and Play <https://webschemas.org/Play>.

New Properties:

collectionSize <https://schema.org/collectionSize> - Added to the Collection
<https://schema.org/Collection> type  to indicate the number of items in a
materialExtent <https://schema.org/materialExtent> - Added to the
CreativeWork <https://schema.org/CreativeWork> type (and therefore its
subtypes). '*The quantity of the materials being described or an expression
of the physical space they occupy.*'  This can be defined as either a
simple string or a detailed quantified value and measurement type using the
QuantitativeValue <https://schema.org/QuantitativeValue> type.

For those that may be looking to markup archives and their contents, you
should be pleased to see these new terms: ArchiveOrganization
<https://schema.org/ArchiveOrganization>, AchiveComponent
<https://schema.org.org/ArchiveComponent>, archiveHeld
<https://schema.org/archiveHeld>, holdingArchive


Richard Wallis
Founder, Data Liberate
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/richardwallis
Twitter: @rjw
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