Evaluating the BDE2020 workbench with pilots [via Big Data Europe Community Group]

One of the ambitious goals of the BDE2020 project is to create a generic
infrastructure including a set of core components to facilitate all of the seven
Societal Challenges identified by the European Union for H2020 and even other
The project tries to evaluate the various choices and developments that make up
the generic infrastructure via three cycles of pilot implementations for each
Societal Challenge.

This post gives you an overview of the pilots being planned for the first cycle
and how we will evaluate it with respect to the domain-specific and generic
requirements that we identified earlier in the BDE project.   Each societal
challenge is described separately:

  SC1 - Health
  SC2 - Food
  SC3 - Energy
  SC4 - Transport
  SC5 - Climate
  SC6 - Social Sciences
  SC7 - Security

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'Evaluating the BDE2020 workbench with pilots'


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