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From: Makoto MURATA <eb2mmrt@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2019 06:49:28 +0000
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タイトル: W3C - BD, Comics, Manga Community Group
Hello to all of you

Thank you for your participation in the Doodle. The date that seems to suit  
everyone for the first BDCoMa CG is Tuesday at:

6:30pm (Tokyo - GMT+9)
10:30am (Paris - GMT+1)

To facilitate access to the document during the work, we will first use  
Google Drive in addition to Github.
We will share some documents in advance of Tuesday's meeting. The draft of  
charter is here.

Thank you and see you very soon so
Samuel Petit


Samuel Petit, CEO
Sequencity  |   sequencity.com
EDRLab BDCoMa Working Goup Lead
W3C BDCoMa Community Group Chair
日時: 2019/02/12 (火) 午後6:30 ~ 午後7:30 日本標準時
カレンダー: public-bdcomacg-jp@w3.org
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     * public-bdcomacg-jp@w3.org


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