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I think I promised to provide the overview of the different settings I showed on our last call. I added it to the wiki on the use cases page:

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I put the wrong Dominik in the cc, sorry about that. Looking at my sent folder I see you were part of a thread around ISO20078 discussion and therefore may well be interested in the context. 

We recently formed a task force looking at leveraging W3C and other standards for automotive big data. The other Dominik has been presenting a solution to capture and enforce operator consent with Neutral Server.

Intro on tf:

wiki of the areas we are starting to look at:

VW is a member of W3C so do consider participating.

On Fri, 2018-06-29 at 06:58 +0000, Schiffelbaum, Dominik (I/EE-911)
> Hi Ted, hi Ulrich,
> I cannot completely follow the topic. Can you please provide more 
> information about the context/project?
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> Subject: Representing consent capture
> As a compliment to your proof of concept solution for consent capture, 
> I had been wondering whether there was something existing to represent 
> so as to be able to communicate the nuances of consent to share 
> specific information with designated third parties.
> A colleague recommended we look at ORDL as something that can clearly 
> define these relationships.

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