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Wonsuk and everyone,

Thanks.  See my comments in line.  Lots to do.

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Hi. Paul.
Thanks for good proposal for the agenda.
Basically I agreed with your proposal. But I have couple of questions and comments.

#1. For open spec issues, I couldn’t see many issues in the github now. So how about having a spec review periods during one or two weeks before TPAC in the group? Encourage the member to quickly review them and add the issues they have to the Github.

I completely agree.  We have meetings scheduled for the 6th (5pm PT) and 20th (9am PT).  I will send out a message.

#2. Could I ask who can give implementation feedback in implementation and testing session?

Good question.  My goal is to get these topics on the list.  I would think KDDI would give implementation feedback.  That said we need at least one other implementer.

As for testing, I think you would be very good at leading a session on this.  My goal here is to start a focus on this.  Any one else interested in driving testing and leading a session on it?

#3. For more efficient discussion in the f2f meeting we should try to list up the detail items for each session. What kinds of specific issue we need to discuss in implementation and testing session? How about BigData / Telematics? For use cases session, will we review current use cases? Or we will encourage the members to add more use cases to google drive before TPAC and review them? For security session, what’s the specific item we should discuss?

I completely agree.  My goal was to get the big blocks up there and have others, help me fill out the details.  I will make another pass on the agenda today or tomorrow.  I highly encourage others to get their notes/thoughts in as well.

#4. For all of items such as parts of specs, use cases, testing and security, it would be good if we could make a lists with priorities. Then we should try to solve the issues for high priority items on the list.

I concur.  How about I start a list on the wiki?



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I have started a proposed agenda for our Oct 26 and 27 Face To Face meeting at TPAC here

Please take a look and make suggestions as to what you would like to be on the agenda.


Paul J. Boyes
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