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Re: (W3C BG) Presentation by GENIVI LBS EG during F2F last week in Stuttgart & Call for participation in LBS subteam

From: Qing An <anqing.aq@alibaba-inc.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 11:47:17 +0800
To: "Paul Boyes" <pb@opencar.com>, "PHILIPPE COLLIOT" <philippe.colliot@mpsa.com>, "public-autowebplatform" <public-autowebplatform@w3.org>, "Adam Abramski" <adam.m.abramski@intel.com>, "Philippe ROBIN" <philippe.robin@technoveo.com>
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Hi all,
For the LBS sub group, has there been any follow-up by now?
I have made a wiki to show Alibaba LBS Javascript APIs about map viewer and POI search:
Map viewer: https://www.w3.org/community/autowebplatform/wiki/Map_Viewer_API
POI search: https://www.w3.org/community/autowebplatform/wiki/POI_Search_APIAnd I found GENIVI interfaces are: http://wiki.projects.genivi.org/index.php/IVI_Navigation#Projects I suggest that we can take these examples as a starter to make comparison, and discuss how to bring this work forward in W3C.
Best Regards,Qing AnAlibaba Group------------------------------------------------------------------From:Paul Boyes <pb@opencar.com>Send Time:2015年6月10日(星期三) 01:01To:安勍(莳逸) <anqing.aq@alibaba-inc.com>,PHILIPPE COLLIOT <philippe.colliot@mpsa.com>,public-autowebplatform <public-autowebplatform@w3.org>,Adam Abramski <adam.m.abramski@intel.com>,Philippe ROBIN <philippe.robin@technoveo.com>Subject:Re: (W3C BG) Presentation by GENIVI LBS EG during F2F last week  in Stuttgart & Call for participation in LBS subteamHas there been any follow-up on this?  I suggest that we schedule a meeting to start the comparison.  There is a GENIVI Expert Group meeting in July that might be a good time to get people together via phone.Philippe and Philippe, When is this meeting?Paul J. Boyes--------------------------------Mobile:   206-276-9675    Skype:  pauljboyes    On May 24, 2015, at 7:40 PM, Qing An <anqing.aq@alibaba-inc.com> wrote:Hi Philippe Colliot,Thanks for your suggestion.> What do you think of that suggestion ?Yes, I agree with that, and I am very happy to work together in W3C LBS subteam.Next, I will collect our Javascript APIs. Hopefully we can start the comparison soon.Best regards,Qing AnAlibaba Group------------------------------------------------------------------From:PHILIPPE COLLIOT <philippe.colliot@mpsa.com>Send Time:2015年5月22日(星期五) 20:45To:public-autowebplatform@w3.org <public-autowebplatform@w3.org>Cc:adam.m.abramski@intel.com <adam.m.abramski@intel.com>Subject:Re: Re: (W3C BG) Presentation by GENIVI LBS EG during F2F last week in Stuttgart & Call for participation in LBS subteamDear Qing An,As the lead of the LBS-EG in GENIVI, who is standardizing the native APIs of the navigation domain,I had a look at your PDF and your website. Even if I can’t read Chinese, I navigated into the site and it’s clear thatyou provide a rich set of JavaScript APIs, by a modular approach (i.e. the subparts) which is very closed to the one we adopted in GENIVI. So, it really makes sense to work together in the W3C LBS sub team. We recently populated a wiki page with the use cases and the requirements that are the basis of our APIs. According to what I promised during the joint meeting with W3C in Stuttgart, the stuff can be found here:http://wiki.projects.genivi.org/index.php/IVI_Navigation#Projects It’s still need to be improved, but it already provides a good overview of the existing interfaces. Next step would be to compare your interfaces and the GENIVI interfaces, maybe we could take the example of poi search, or map viewer, and go deeper into the details of the implementation. What do you think of that suggestion ? Cordialement, Regards,Philippe COLLIOTPSA Peugeot Citroën DS古璃緒フィリップFrom: Qing An <anqing.aq@alibaba-inc.com>Date: Fri, May 15, 2015 at 8:00 AMSubject: Re: (W3C BG) Presentation by GENIVI LBS EG during F2F last week in Stuttgart & Call for participation in LBS subteamTo: public-autowebplatform <public-autowebplatform@w3.org>Cc: "Abramski, Adam M" <adam.m.abramski@intel.com>Thank Adam for sending out the call for participation in LBS subteam.After reviwing the slides, we, Alibaba Group, are very interested in the LBS subteam.Actually, Alibaba has set up a LBS open platform, and defined a set of javascript APIs related to navigation, positioning, traffic-info, map-viewer, POI-info, street-viewer, route-planning, distance-measurement, etc.  http://lbs.amap.com/api/javascript-api/summary-3/ Sorry that we only have Chinese version website for this part. The attached PDF is the summary of Alibaba LBS service and LBS API function based on the website.I think this work is very valuable for automotive and Web area. I encourage more people to join this subteam and bring this work forward.Best regards,Qing AnAlibaba Group------------------------------------------------------------------From:Abramski, Adam M <adam.m.abramski@intel.com>Send Time:2015年4月28日(星期二) 01:09To:public-autowebplatform <public-autowebplatform@w3.org>Cc:Abramski, Adam M <adam.m.abramski@intel.com>Subject:(W3C BG) Presentation by GENIVI LBS EG during F2F last week in Stuttgart & Call for participation in LBS subteam Hi all,Attached is a presentation by the GENIVI LBS EG lead, Philippe Colliot of PSA.At this point, GENIVI is looking to our Business Group as a starting point for standardization of web APIs related to POI-Service, Map-Viewer, Navigation-Core, Positioning and Traffic-Info.  There are native APIs already defined and a POC for navigation called Fuel Stop Advisor that utilizes the native APIs and proves they work and function as expected.  Paul and I will work with GENIVI to bring as much of this work forward and into the open via their open source project page: http://projects.genivi.org/ivi-navigation/ . I’m hoping we can get all use cases, requirements and possibly a javascript API that’s based on the native APIs by the end of May.Please review the attached slides and if you’re interested in being part of a subteam to investigate bringing this work forward please let the team know.  Out of those interested, we hope to find someone who will lead this effort as well.Sincerely,AdamAdam M AbramskiProduct PlannerInternet of Things Group/Transportation Solutions Division503-264-8269 (o)503-550-7910 (m)adam.m.abramski@intel.com
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