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Thanks Philipp!

One comment folks, there is an opportunity for one of the OEM's or Tier 1's to step up and co-chair this working group.  Remember this is an opportunity to drive an industry standard web specification which is a little different then what we're doing in the business group.  In the business group what we've created is a report that happens to be a draft spec but that's much different than the FINAL web specs that working groups create that become industry standards.

Please anyone who is interested in driving this with Paul/OpenCar, I urge you to consider it and please take into consideration the approximate 20% time effort it'll take to successfully engage and drive the group forward.  There will also be opportunities for editors of the specs as well and those opportunities will come after the WG has formed.


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For preparing tomorrow's calll - I've worked on this with (significant) help from Adam and Paul - but any errors are mine at this point

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