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Re: F2F Details - March 2014 - Call for action

From: Paul Boyes <pb@opencar.com>
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2014 23:04:55 +0000
To: "ta-hirabayashi@kddi-ri.jp" <ta-hirabayashi@kddi-ri.jp>
CC: "Abramski, Adam M" <adam.m.abramski@intel.com>, "public-autowebplatform@w3.org" <public-autowebplatform@w3.org>, 平林 <ta-hirabayashi@kddi.com>, 藤原 <fujiwara@kddi.com>, 森口 <ya-moriguchi@kddi.com>, 芦村先生 <ashimura@w3.org>
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Paul J Boyes

> On Feb 8, 2014, at 11:45 AM, "ta-hirabayashi@kddi-ri.jp" <ta-hirabayashi@kddi-ri.jp> wrote:
> Hi Adam,
> I attend Santa Clara F2F meeting on full 2 day basis.
> I have no food-restrictions.
> In addition, I will make sure how many colleagues of KDDI join this 
> meeting, within a week.
> Thank you
> Tatsuhiko Hirabayashi
> ----- Original Message -----
> Hi all,
> Just a reminder please let me know who is and is not planning to attend 
> the F2F next month in Santa Clara or you won't have any food ;)
> Right now I think the agenda will be part workshop to go through the 
> spec, make some decisions and I hope we could even come to the agreement 
> (at least with the group that attends the F2F) that we're finished with 
> the spec so we can open it to those in the group who weren't able to 
> attend for any final comments before we submit it as a spec for public 
> comment.  Lastly, I think there will be at least a few presentations (
> giving each presentation 45 min to 1 hr), namely:
> -          Speech API - Dominique Massonie (Elektrobit) and David Kampf 
> (Continental)  - Should we invite Google to attend this part of the 
> agenda?  (Glen Shires and Hans Wennborg)
> -          Navigation API - Jade Moon (Obigo)
> -          Tuner API - Jade Moon (Obigo)
> -          W3C - Educate us on the process of a spec since we are close 
> to producing our first final draft spec (Philipp/Kaz/Bernard)
> -          W3C - Discuss the possibility of starting an Automotive and 
> Web Platform Working Group (Philipp/Kaz/Bernard)
> -          Vehicle Signals Spec - Kevron and Justin (with help from 
> Aldric, Tina and Paul)
> For the agenda, I think Kaz and Philipp (W3C) are going to put a poll/
> survey together to get input from the members so we can be as productive 
> as possible and cover topics that need to get covered.
> Have a great weekend!
> Sincerely,
> Adam
> From: Abramski, Adam M [mailto:adam.m.abramski@intel.com]
> Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2014 3:00 PM
> To: public-autowebplatform@w3.org
> Subject: F2F Details - March 2014 - Call for action
> Hi all,
> To follow up on my action item, I have a conf room that holds 50 people 
> at Intel in Santa Clara CA on Monday March 17th and Tuesday March  18th, 
> please begin to make travel arrangements.  Intel address in Santa Clara 
> is 2200 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054.  The conf room is 
> SC9-201 which is in Building SC9 and there is a parking structure next 
> to it.  For the first day, let's start at 9am as I won't be able to get 
> there until at least 8am and we can start Tuesday at around 8/8:30am and 
> end around 5pm each of the 2 days.
> ACTION: Those who wish to participate in the F2F please book travel now! 
> I suggest you fly in the day before (Sunday) and fly out the day after 
> (Wed) since I expect we will use the full 2 days.  I also have room on 
> Wed March 19th as well for part of the day if we need it but Intel can't 
> provide lunch or drinks if we extend our meeting to this third day so 
> everyone would be on their own for food.  Just wanted to throw this out 
> to the group.  Also, many of you have extensions of your companies or 
> partners or suppliers in the bay area so consider using this time to do 
> as much as you can to fill the week and possibly even the week before so 
> you can stay over a weekend and enjoy the bay area.  Napa and Sonoma are 
> perfect this time of year as there are fewer visitors there in the 
> spring then during the summer and fall months :)
> Not sure what the agenda looks like right now and it will depend on how 
> far the team gets with the spec before the meeting as we may need to use 
> the time to walk through the spec and get final comments and changes 
> made.  I think the spec needs to take top priority for us.  Obigo also 
> mentioned that they would like to present on some specs they and GENIVI 
> are involved in drafting around Media Tuner and Navigation.  I also 
> heard from PSA that Elektrobit from GENIVI would like to present on a 
> Speech/TTS API.  So in light of these, I propose we set aside at least 
> an hour or two to go through these.  Are there other topics that should 
> be covered?  Anything that was presented in the past at the Tokyo F2F 
> last year that should be updated and/or considered for the next spec or 
> use cases that the team should consider once we're finished with the 
> vehicle sensor/data spec?  One final thought on my part.  There are some 
> W3C specs that we might be able to have someone from those WGs cover 
> during our F2F like an update from the Sys Apps WG to see what they are 
> busy with and focused on, another would be Voice or Speech that's 
> covered by the Speech CG.  For the Speech CG, Google is nearby and I 
> would be happy to reach out to Glenn who is one of the editors of the 
> spec to come by and present where they are at and who's implemented the 
> spec etc.  This might be interesting in light of the proposal from 
> GENIVI/Elektrobit.
> ACTION: Please share your thoughts as I don't want to be the one driving 
> the agenda :)
> ACTION: Lastly, please let me know if you are planning to attend and if 
> you have any food restrictions as I'll need to contact our catering 
> company in the next few weeks with a head count and food restrictions.  
> Intel will pick up the costs of coffee and tea for the morning and lunch 
> plus coffee and tea in the afternoon for Mon and Tues.  I'll try to get 
> some food or lite nibbles for breakfast and the afternoon if our budget 
> allows but for now plan to get breakfast on your own and I'll let you 
> all know as we draw closer to the F2F.
> Thanks,
> Adam
> Adam M Abramski
> Product Planner
> Intel Software & Services Group
> 503-264-8269 (o)
> 503-550-7910 (m)
> adam.m.abramski@intel.com<mailto:adam.m.abramski@intel.com>
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