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Cordova (was: Re: some general spec feedback for consideration

From: Philipp Hoschka <ph@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 17:40:20 +0200
Message-ID: <534EA464.40206@w3.org>
To: "Abramski, Adam M" <adam.m.abramski@intel.com>
CC: Tina Jeffrey <tjeffrey@qnx.com>, "public-autowebplatform@w3.org" <public-autowebplatform@w3.org>, Marc Lapierre <mlapierre@qnx.com>, Nik Schultz <nschultz@qnx.com>, "Vadim Draluk (vadim.draluk@gm.com)" <vadim.draluk@gm.com>, Brian Leroux <brianl@adobe.com>
[adding the "inventor" of PhoneGap (now Cordova) for potential comments]

On 4/16/2014 4:42 PM, Abramski, Adam M wrote:
>   * Has anyone explored how this will work with Cordova? Cordova is
>     the leading cross-platform development framework which most people
>     would use for writing HTML5 applications, so we should keep it in
>     mind.
>       o Would this work as a Cordova plugin?

My (very) layman's understanding is that as long as it's a Javascript 
API, you can write a Cordova plugin for it - looking at
I don't see any mention of restrictions on the API that a Cordova plugin 
would have to follow when exposing functionality to JS programmers - but 
it's probably worth for somebody else to check that (or Brian to confirm)

>  *
>      o
>       o If not, would this need to be baked into the web platform of
>         the vehicle? How would this impact remote device (BYOD) support?
>   * We would like to see real world sample applications to see how
>     usable all of this is, especially the Cordova issues.
>       o This would also test the feasibility of the spec interfaces
> We've (this group) have had discussions about Cordova before, have you 
> read the mail archives?  I think we've been down that road before and 
> nothing in this spec or any of the other W3C specs, take any of the 
> mobile specifics spec for example, none of them do anything to support 
> Cordova.

That's one way to put it.

The other way to put it is that at least initially the goal of PhoneGap 
(now Cordova) was to replace any of the phonegap JS APIs for which there 
is no W3C standard yet by the W3C standard version once that becomes 
available - see

Thus the name - "phonegap" - a tool to (temporarily) close the gap from 
Web to native

So by definition, no need to "support Cordova" in W3C specs

> OEMs aren't interested in building a huge app ecosystem.  From a Linux 
> perspective, we at Intel have built our own WRT and that's where we 
> support Cordova.  We don't' expect the specs from the W3C to address 
> it or do anything special to accommodate it.  This is a platform 
> implementation detail
Agree that Cordova is one way to implement the API, and from what I 
understand, this should be possible
> and I don't understand why QNX keeps bringing this up because it's 
> only QNX that brings this up.  Please explain and educate me.
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