Call for participation - VSSo

Dear all,

This is a reminder that the next VSSo ontology modeling session will take place on Monday 21.11.2022 at 17:00 (CET) [1]. In recent sessions, we have discussed the need to resolve the most important issues listed in the repository [2]. 
To that end, the next session will focus mostly on solving the issue 22 [3]. Basically, we have to decide whether to use classes or individuals. The main objective is to obtain a stable version for the VSSo-core model as soon as possible. Please visit the issue, and (most important) join the next session. Your participation is essential to come up with the best possible solution.


Daniel Alvarez

[1] COVESA calendar:

[2] VSSo repository : 
[3] Issue 22:

Received on Friday, 18 November 2022 21:56:59 UTC