Re: [Minutes] Auto WG 2020-09-29 on WAMP

Hi Tobias

What would you think about first looking into VSC/RPC to WAMP 
implementation?  I think that the working group seems to have more of an 
interest and "request" for this, at least at the moment.

If you wanted to do that, it would then be starting rather
from this repository:

... and the tooling is of course intended to be similarly in the
repo named "vsc-tools" -- the setup is basically mirroring VSS.

Best Regards,
- Gunnar

On 10/1/20 12:20 AM, Tobias Oberstein wrote:
>> Thanks for your time, definitely want to explore this further with
> great, was interesting and fun!
> btw, I had a deeper look at VSS and 
> in particular
> I think I could come up with a "" in a PR to have something 
> concrete. a proposal to discuss (or throw away in the end). but I like 
> working code;)


- Gunnar

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