Leaving JLR

Dear Colleagues:

My almost 5 year tenure at Jaguar Land Rover has ended on May 31. 
Therefore I will no longer be representing JLR in the W3C Automotive 
Working Group and consequently surrendering my position as co-chair of 
the group.

It has been my pleasure working with all of you during the past couple 
of years. We have accomplished a lot moving forward the integration of 
the car into the World Wide Web and the Internet of Things. It has been 
my pleasure to welcome you to JLR's technology center in Portland in 
2016 where we laid the ground work of VISS. That has been a very 
successful week and we also got to know each other personally. As 
technology never stops, the work continues on as the Working Group is 
defining the next generation.

Thank you so much for support and dedication. I very much appreciate it.

Best regards,

Rudolf J Streif
CEO/CTO ibeeto
+1.855.442.3396 x700

Received on Friday, 7 June 2019 20:59:52 UTC