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Well said Rudi.  I second what you say.  And, Thank you for driving this.

Paul J. Boyes

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Thank you, Ted. And of course thank you, Team.

As a co-chair of the Automotive Working Group, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you who have contributed their dedication, effort and hard work to making this specification a reality. We have made a huge step forward to providing a uniform way of accessing valuable data generated by potentially millions of vehicles to applications and services. I truly believe that this specification, and the continued work on following generations, will enable many new services and use cases around mobility enabling the integration of cars and other vehicles into the grand scheme of the Internet of Things.

My thanks go to W3C, Ted Guild and Kaziyuki Ashimura for their guidance and patience along the process. Many thanks to our spec editors Wonsuk Lee (ETRI), Powell Kinney (formerly Vinli), Kevin Gavigan (JLR) and Adam Crofts (JLR). Thank you to all of the contributors providing insight and feedback. Thank you to my co-chairs Paul Boyes (INRIX) and Peter Winzell (formerly Mitsubishi Electric, now Jayway).

Colleagues, I only consider this success as a first step. As you know there is more work to be done. I am looking forward to your continued contribution.

Best regards,

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