W3C & OCF @ CES 2017

I would like to share a brief update about the OCF CES Demo Booth at the
Sands Expo, Las Vegas (Jan 5-8), driven by  OCF and W3C Automotive.

W3C&OCF showcased the W3C Vehicle Signal Server and OCF Server (hosting
Automotive Data models), interworking through a reference W3C-OCF
Translator, running on a real digital AVN cluster device.
The OCF Server drove the UI updates for an OCF Client on a Gear S3.
The W3C Singal Server drove the web frontend updates on a Windows Tablet.
We could trigger abnormal events by the simulator housing the digital AVN

The demo makes way for richer interaction and user experience,  between the
driver, mobile and wearable devices and the digital cluster.
We generated lot of interest and are looking forward to engagement with
more companies in the coming months.

A short video we recorded prior to CES is posted here.

The final versions of the software look much better than what is shown here.

We had members of W3C Automotive WG, visit our demo booth and participate
in discussions with OCF WG members.
I 'd like to thank W3C Automotive WG and BG for their support and in
particular, Dr. Wonsuk Lee - for the W3C Vehicle Signal Server and Web UI
implementation and testing.

Please reach out to Dr. Wonsuk or myself if you have more questions.


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