Re: [agl-discussions] FOSDEM devrooms announced

Thank you Dan, much appreciated. I think there is a keen interest in the
community that attends FOSDEM to learn more about AGL and its offerings.



On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 5:36 PM, Dan Cauchy <>

> Hi Jeremiah,
> Thanks for the note. Yes, we (AGL) have had this on our calendar for some
> time and plan to participate in some form. The one issue is that we were
> planning to hold our AGL AMM Jan 31st in Japan making it tight, but not
> impossible, to attend FOSDEM. We are still working on the details.
> Regards,
> Dan.
> On Oct 10, 2016, at 1:12 PM, Jeremiah Foster <jeremiah.foster@pelagicore.
> com> wrote:
> Hi,
> This year, like the past four years or so, the FOSDEM[0] organizers have
> been kind enough to grant folks working on automotive software a space to
> present current work, get feedback, and do further development. FOSDEM is
> an ideal place to build your network around free and open source software
> development. It is one of the largest technical conferences in the world
> and by far the largest FOSS event in Europe with well over 5,000 attendees.
> The content of FOSDEM is highly technical and many software projects use
> it as a key checkpoint and forum for dissemination of their status. This
> draws very experienced software developers who understand how open source
> works and are domain experts in many cases. In addition to technical
> content there is a community devroom as well as a legal devroom which draws
> often some of the most experienced and renowned legal experts in the world,
> including Ministers of the European Parliament.
> This year, like previous years, I hope to assist Philippe De Swert
> organizing the Embedded, Mobile and Automotive devroom. I cannot do this
> without your participation. Please consider sending a talk to FOSDEM this
> year, February 4th and 5th in Brussels, Belgium. More details are
> forthcoming on exactly how you do that but if you were to start formulating
> your proposal now you'll have and advantage because the deadline comes
> quickly and the devroom always gets nearly twice the amount of submissions
> that it can hold, despite being usually a big room with talks held over two
> days. Examples of previous talks can be found on FOSDEM's web site[1].
> ​Many thanks,
> Jeremiah​
> ​0. ​
> 1.
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