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Re: Electric vehicle signals data

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Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 07:41:59 +0900
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Hi, Ted

What I understood at the Paris f2f is that we need to setup a task-force 
to explore possibilities to merge into a single data spec in the section 
between WRT and service server, soon.

So, we have not decided yet whether we would move away from our current 
vehicle data spec.

In Vehicle data/VSS task-force, we should review how BG had made the 
current data spec and data naming policy jointly with the concerned 
organizations as described in Wiki of BG,

and compare these differences in definition of data type as well as 
naming policy.

Best Regards,

Tatsuhiko Hirabayashi,  KDDI

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Hi Robert,

I wanted to follow up from yesterday's Business Group call about your
questions regarding electric vehicles and W3C work.

At the F2F in Paris we resolved we would move away from our current
vehicle data spec in favor of the vehicle signal spec being worked on
at Genivi and championed by JLR.




It is here that you and Volker should submit your proposed additions
that he presented for electric vehicles.  I raised that at the time and
Magnus Feuer(JLR) was very receptive.

Also the two groups we have at W3C, the Automotive Working Group (WG)
and the Automotive Web Platform Business Group (BG) have different
areas of focus at present with the former being more rigidly chartered.
Vehicle API and signals specs belong in the WG.  The BG is more of an
incubator with Location Based Services, Media Tuning and possibly
Software Over the Air updates being discussed.
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