RE: Draft Specification for Service Based Approach Using WebSockets

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I have just browsed through – Thank you for your hard work!!

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Cc: Kevin Gavigan; Peter Virk; Lovene Bhatia
Subject: Draft Specification for Service Based Approach Using WebSockets

Hi All,

Kevin and I have drafted a specification for the service based approach using WebSockets, as discussed in Issue 81<>. The draft can be found in the working group wiki here<>.

The specification builds upon the approach raised by Powell Kinney, using a single WebSocket to send JSON data structures to the server. The JSON structure specifies the desired vehicle signal specification (VSS) path, an action parameter to specify get, set, subscribe or unsubscribe as well as a number of optional parameters.

This specification allows:

  *   Use of the VSS, including wildcards and indexing
  *   GET/SET over WebSocket
  *   SUBSCRIBE to receive change notifications, allowing settable change thresholds and upper/lower bounds
  *   SUBSCRIBE to receive notifications at a given time interval.
  *   UNSUBSCRIBE via a subscription handle
  *   UNSUBSCRIBE from all notifications
  *   Security tokens to be passed from the client to the server, such as OAuth 2.0
We'll go through this on the call on Tuesday night and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Kind regards,


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