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Sorry but my connection was very unstable today and I missed
several points (e.g., the topic marked with "@@@"). So your
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Note that I've just added "Contribution" sub section to the Portland f2f
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                             Automotive WG

6 Jul 2016


          Paul, Kaz, Rudi, Joonhyung, Urata, Wonsuk, Hashimoto,
          Song_Li, Hirabayashi


          Paul, Rudi



     * [2]Topics
         1. [3]Today's agenda
         2. [4]Portland F2F
     * [5]Summary of Action Items

Today's agenda

   pb: f2f, spec, security, OCF/OMA, etc.
   ... Peter is not available today

   pb: got question from Sanjeev about where to put codes on the

Portland F2F

   rs: looking at the wiki page now

   _in_Portland.2C_OR Portland f2f wiki


   rs: goes through the f2f agenda wiki
   ... architecture tree diagram
   ... Sanjeev working on integration OCF's IoTivity
   ... hackathon is one of the efforts during the f2f
   ... we can build concrete agenda based on the wiki description
   ... Kevin wrote some code for WebSocket

   pb: (checks the attendees)

   rs: will put some more ideas on the agenda wiki
   ... people can also add their topics

   -> [7]https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/1/auto201607/results f2f

      [7] https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/1/auto201607/results

   ka: we should add a subsection "Contribution" to the agenda
   ... and all the attendees are encouraged to add their
   contributions to that sub section :)

   rs: goes through the registration results

   pb: is Kevin registered?

   rs: Kevin and Adam said they would get registered right after
   getting approval
   ... but not registered yet

   pb: what about Powell?
   ... Dave Jensen?

   rs: not yet
   ... Sanjeev either

   (Kaz disconnected...)


   su: we should show JS library
   ... also should finalize the spec, e.g., by the end of this

   pb: maybe would make sense to break up the group for topics

   rs: one of what we want to do is API spec
   ... would make sense to have JS library
   ... also websocket interface

   su: what is needed to make the JS api spec a W3C Rec?
   ... not much work remaining
   ... but want to clarify what to do

   pb: implementation experience
   ... test suite, etc.

   ka: right
   ... for CR transition, we need tests, test suite,
   implementation report template
   ... and comment disposition
   ... but we can use github issue list for comment disposition
   ... can summarize the procedure in Portland

   all: ok

   wl: need to see the gap between the JS api and the service

   su: right
   ... another point is how to deal with "Zone"

   wo: how about gathering issues
   ... I'll send an email to the group list
   ... we can discuss the issues during the f2f in Portland

   ka: would like to make a brief report from the ITU-T's ITS
   workshop on July 4-5 during the Portland meeting

   pb: everybody, please put all your ideas for the f2f to the

   rs: anybody have any update for today?

   jh: participated in the TTC/ITU-T conference in Japan on July
   ... Kaz, did you make any report about that?

   ka: briefly mentioned that during this call
   ... and would make a detailed report in Portland

   pb: anything else?


   rs: ok
   ... will send another reminder for the f2f
   ... there is 3 weeks before the meeting

   [ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

   [End of minutes]

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