Re: Meeting Tomorrow

How about meeting next Tuesday, Nov 24 at 9am PT?  If people can make I will set it up.  Just let me know.

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On Nov 17, 2015, at 8:28 AM, Brannon, Greg <<>> wrote:

This would work well for me too.

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Having the telecon later in the month works for me too - as it gives more time to read the other specs etc before the call :-)

Can I put in a cheeky request that we still schedule the next call at 9am PT (as this one was planned for that time) - as this shares out having the call in daytime in Europe and Asia?

Once again, it was great to meet up with y'all (is that the correct American spelling? :-) in Sapporo

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On 17 November 2015 at 11:46, Junichi Hashimoto <<>> wrote:

About security I don’t have much to talk. I’ve read Web Application Manifest and Service Worker so far. They have extensibility which could be utilized for access control on vehicle API but doesn’t have the concept of package.
Now I’m considering the possibility of access control without the concept and would like to share my thought until the end of this month.


On 15/11/17 03:43 , Paul Boyes wrote:
Adam and I are at the LA Auto Show and will not be able to meet tomorrow
at 9am PT.  That said, others are welcome to meet without us.

Paul J. Boyes
Mobile:   206-276-9675
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