Possible way to frame follow up privacy discussion

This week at the F2F we are going to have a presentation from Greg
Brannon on privacy in connected vehicle space.

There are a number of partially if not seemingly completely opposing
views on this topic. I do hope we get some different perspectives and
encourage those who's personal or employer opinion deviate to share
them either at the meeting or follow up discussions including email.
I am including a few links to external reading and perhaps others have
some they feel pertinent for added perspective.

I think our group can be constructive in examining this from the
various angles with the intent to produce ideas on best practices and
guidelines for shaping information sharing policies whether it be
auto-manufacturer or owner inspired initiative.  This can then be
viewed with more of a security concentration to produce implementation
suggestions on enforcing such policies, ensuring identities of
participants, encrypted communication, protecting against man in the
middle, replay and other attacks.


Ted Guild
Head of Systems Team

Received on Monday, 27 July 2015 20:13:48 UTC