Re: Revised version Catalan translation WCAG


Thank you for providing this improved version of the authorized 
translation, and the updated errata document. Hopefully this version 
will contribute to a harmonized adoption of the translation.

We also received the zip and tar-gzip versions of these files. However 
we have not received the plain text, PostScript, or PDF versions of 
these files as indicated. Once we have these then we will upload them to 
the W3C server as agreed.


LTO WCAG translation to Catalan wrote:
> Benvolguts Srs.,
> S'inclouen en aquest missatge les versions html, txt, gzip i zip 
> corregides del document wcag-ca. TambÚ el fitxer errata.htm. Les 
> versions PDF i PS s'enviaran demÓ mateix. El fitxer d'errades es 
> publicarÓ en breu.
> Cordialment,
> LTO.
> [English]
> Dear Sirs.,
> find enclosed html, txt, gzip and zip versions of corrected wcag-ca 
> document. Also enclosed errata.htm. PDF and PS versions will be sent 
> tomorrow. Errata will be published soon.
> Kind regards,
> LTO.

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Received on Tuesday, 22 January 2008 19:18:25 UTC