Re: Press Release for Web Audio 1.0 Recommendation

A few people asked for examples of similar press releases so (especially 
as we issued one today):

*Web RTC*

*IOT Interop*


*CSS Writing Modes*

For a technical but not detailed overview, what are the main innovations 
brought by Web Audio API?

I'm guessing that the flexibility to build your own audio graph, the 
wide selection of prebuilt modules, the extensibility with Audio 
Worklet/WASM and the broad interoperability are the main points to stress?

On 2021-01-14 17:12, Chris Lilley wrote:
> Hi folks,
> W3C typically issues a press release when a specification gets to 
> Recommendation. This usually has two parts, the release itself and a 
> page of testimonials by W3C members who want to endorse the new 
> Recommendation. (This is typically, but not exclusively, W3C Members 
> who were part of the Working Group).
> So, we need to start on that now, because it would need to be ready by 
> the beginning of March, and Member testimonials often need internal 
> review within the Member before being approved.
> So first off, which Audio WG members are interested to supply a 
> testimonial for the press release?
> Oh - testimonials should be in English, but can also be in other 
> languages as desired. Also, if we only get one or two testimonials we 
> typically just do the press release without testimonials, because 
> lukewarm support sends the wrong message entirely.
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