Re: [Agenda] WG/CG Telecon Thurs Aug 13, 9:00 am PDT

Attendees: Jeff Switzer, Jack Schaedler, Hugh Rawlinson, Chris Lilley,
Christoph Guttandin, Raymond Toy, Matt Paradis


   - V1 privacy (since Chris L is here)
      - Chris says it looks ready to go so land it and wait for further
      - Landed PR 2224 <>,
      resolving the last privacy issue.
   - V2 issues
      - Ray: Already covered noise generator, polynomial ramp, shelf
      filters with Q, and ConstantSourceNode with detune.  What's next?
      - Chris:  3D audio
      <> and
      ambisonics issue.  Where is the ambisonics issue? All v1 issues on
      spatial audio have been closed.
      - Chris:  What about pulse width oscillator
      <>?  What info
      do we need?  Detail algorithm specified or just the API?
         - Ray: For consistency, the peak should be at most one, assuming
         there is ringing on the waveform.
         - Ray: someone should implement this with a worklet to see how
         they look.
         - Chris: And also look at how csound and others implement this.
         - Jack: agrees on some sample implementations to let people see
         how it works.  May be able to spend some time on this looking at other
         implementations.  Perhaps Faust has something?
      - Issue 4 <>:
      bring your own buffer memory management
         - Jack: summarizes the issue so it doesn't need to copy so much
         stuff between the worklet and WASM memory.
         - Ray: Seems like issue #5
         <> is the same
         - Ray: Jack, do you expect dynamic number of channels.
         - Jack: Generally don't need dynamic counts.
         - Jack: Profiling the cost of copies would be interesting to know.
      - AOB
      - Matt: What about TPAC?
      - Ray, Chris: We have a CG meeting scheduled.  But we should have
      meeting like we did for our F2F a few months ago:  2 hrs/day, 4
      2 weeks, sometime around TPAC.

On Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 6:40 AM Raymond Toy <> wrote:

> Here's the agenda for our WG/CG meeting.
> Meeting venue
> Agenda:
>    - V2
>       - Continue designing priority-1 issues
>    - AOB

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