Re: [Agenda] WG Telecon Thurs Dec 12, 9:00 am PST

Attendees:  Chris Lilley, Matt, Paul, Hongchan, Raymond


   - Chris Lilley asking for privacy review.
      - Paul to update bug with new info
   - Chris Lilley updates:
      - Re-charter in progress
      - Any WebMIDI updates?
         - Raymond to get info
      - Update old doc talking about Google and Mozilla audio processing
      proposals. Won't be a draft, but a note.
      - BBC has proposal for NGA (Next Gen Audio).  Primarily new codecs,
      so may not impact WebAudio itself.
   - Firefox has landed support for message ports in worklets in Nighlty
   (yesterday).  AudioParam support coming soon.
   - V1 items:
      - Issue #2107
<> resolved,
      PR under review
      - PR 2106 <> postponed
      to V2 to add the pull request template
      - V2 items:
      - No new items
   - Quick summary from Paul on WAC2019.  People are interested in v2.

Last meeting for the year will be next week.  No meeting on Dec 25 or Jan
2.  the next meeting will be Jan 9, which will be a CG meeting.

On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 7:47 AM Raymond Toy <> wrote:

> Gentlepeople,
> Here is the (standing) agenda for our WG call..
>    - Updates on the privacy issue
>    - Tirage any new/untriages v1 issues.
>    - Continue to work through the v1 project board
>  If you have been
>    requested to review a PR, please do so before the meeting.
>    - Look at new/untriaged v2 issues
>    - AOB.
> Meeting venue

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