Re: Status of bikeshed

Sounds good.

Can do squash the conversion commits locally, and push to the repo as a
single commit, so that the history remains quite clear nonetheless?


On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 12:17 AM, Raymond Toy <> wrote:

> The conversion of the spec to bikeshed is, essentially, done with much
> help from Tab Atkins.  There are currently 6 errors generated by bikeshed.
> Of these, one is a bad link on our part (cors-cross-origin no longer links
> to anything useful). The rest are small issues with bikeshed such tat inks
> to MediaStream, MediaStreamTrack, and DOMHighResTimestamp don't link to
> anything in the IDL sections like other things normally would (like
> HTMLMediaElement, and so on.)
> AFAICT, everything else works and the spec looks good. (Preview at
> So, barring any last minute issues, I'd really like to import the bikeshed
> version in the next week or two so that I don't have to merge changes
> manually between the two versions anymore.
> Until the bikeshed errors are fixed, we won't easily be able to have CI
> check for mistakes.  Hopefully that will get remedied soon.

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