Re: Demo-list submission address and acceptance criteria?

What if:

a) A public free-form channel is available, to include every project/app
anyone wishes to share.
b) An "endorsed" channel/page, similar to Chris Roger's collection and
others, is curated to endorse certain projects.

(a) Basically exists, in the form of public-audio-dev, and the
corresponding mediawiki instance.
(b) Could manifest as:
1. WG members - a known "trusted" group - promote projects from the general
list at whim [ in case of disagreement, I expect you folks can work out
details as necessary :-) ].
2. Some voting mechanism - more-or-less ad hoc, by "+1"s over email, for eg
- is available for the rest of us "devs" to promote what looks/sounds good,
relatively speaking.

Rationale: Doesn't really require any work, and no one has to play "final

On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 10:24 AM, Raymond Toy <> wrote:

> First, says to post to this list.
> Wouldn't public-audio-dev be more appropriate?
> Second, what are the criteria for inclusion?  I don't think we should
> accept anything that's submitted, but other than that, I don't know what
> the criteria would be. I personally don't want to be the final arbiter (my
> ears aren't so good), but I'm fine with doing the work of adding entries
> and such.

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