RE: Device Output API Proposal

I’d like to discuss this in the F2F…  if we’re pulling together agenda items.


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Probably this is a fine timeframe in which to do it. There have been a bunch of developments in the way that the MCTF group is seeking to work with devices and employ the Permissions API and it would be good to study up on that first.


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On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 1:46 PM, Hofmann, Bill <<>> wrote:
When would be a good time to resurrect this discussion (and perhaps add in Hongchan’s questions about input as well…)?


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Hi group,

Here's a link to the rough proposal that we are planning to discuss tomorrow with some of the Media Capture/WebRTC folks. I had intended to send this out earlier but typed "team-audio" instead of "public-audio"; my apologies for the late distribution.<>

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