Re: Web Audio App Demo

On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 6:46 AM, Rob Mulders <> wrote:

> Hi W3,
> It took me a couple of weeks but now I can proudly present: The WD-1
> DJ-Trainer made with the web audio api.
> The WD-1 has been around for 10 years on the internet but as a Flash
> application. No need to say that time has changed and Flash is no longer
> part of our lives.
> Maybe you want to consider giving the new WD-1 a spot on your web page:
> It would make me a happy man.

I don't think this mailing list is the right place for this; this is for
discussing the WebAudio spec.

However, if you file an issue at, we'll be happy to look
at adding your cool app to it.

<> has
actually been moved to,
but we've been unable to redirect to the new site for various reasons.)

> Rgds,
> Rob
> Wortel Drie

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