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Based on the doodle poll I felt that having the face to face and plenary on consecutive days would be more practical than f2f->weekend->conference->plenary.

If this is not the case then we can still do the f2f on the preceding thurs/fri however this may mean that some people are not able to hang around for the plenary. I know that this is the case for Joe who will be attending the f2f or the conference but does not have time for both.

At the risk of going round the loop again I believe the only person that this change effects is Chris Wilson who is able to participate remotely.  I’d like to finalise this as soon as possible so can please let me know any preferences either way and I will put out the final decision on Monday.


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>Plausible, but I thought we'd decided on the preceding Thurs/Fri.  What's motivating the change?
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>Dear Group,
>After looking through the doodle poll and thinking about the timing of the Web Audio Conference I’m proposing the following schedule for the F2F.
>Mon 4th - Weds 6th April. Web Audio Conference for those that are attending Morning of Weds 6th April. Working group plenary as part of the conference. This will be approx 1.5 hours most likely starting at 10am.
>Thurs 7th - Fri 8th April. 9am - 5pm Working Group Face to Face
>This would mean that people are not having to spend an extra weekend away if they are attending the conference and F2F.
>Please can you confirm your attendance asap.
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