Re: Tracking with ultrasound beacons. Web Audio API privacy considerations need updating?

On 11/13/2015 18:12, Alan deLespinasse wrote:
> None of this sounds like an Audio API issue, though. More of a policy
> decision that could be left to browser developers and/or users.

i think it's definitely a policy issue. maybe some users are using audio 
outside the human hearing range for triggering something in their own 
projects completely independent of the tracking beacons.

when you are making a tool kit, people may find ways of using your tools 
that you may not approve of. people can be so clever.

but trying to restrict a tool seems like a bad idea to me. much better 
to work toward a notification of one kind or another. or adding this 
technology into the wider discussion of electronic privacy that has been 
taking place for as long there has been the network.

believe me- i'm no fan of those trackers, but i think restricting what 
is becoming a very useful toolkit is somewhat like cutting off your own 
hand to spite your arm.

ok- maybe not the best metaphor there ...

> Also, note that the Web Audio API is not the only way to make sound in a
> web page.

yes- this is the larger issue that needs addressing: what level of 
corporate or government electronic tracking are we going to allow in our 
civilizations? in the past, corporations have often bought their way to 
victory instead of participating in negotiations ...

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