Proposal on pull requests

I'd like to make the following proposal on pull requests: Don't run tidy
until you get an ok to merge.  Then run tidy to clean up the text at which
point the editor (or author) can just do the commit.

Why?  When you run tidy, I see paragraphs getting re-indented just because
you changed one word in the paragraph.  Since my memory isn't so good, all
I see is a huge diff.  Sometimes the diff shows what's changed and that's
great; I can see it's just the one word.  But sometimes the diff doesn't
show it which means I have to read and compare both paragraphs to figure
out what changed.

This does require an extra step from everyone, but I think it would be a
net win for everyone if the diffs for review are much smaller.  Editors
(and everyone else) can do quicker reviews and all the stupid (but
important!) tidy stuff can be postponed to the end where the editor doesn't
need to review anymore.  (Assuming you're not actually changing anything
else!  If you do, you have to ask for a review again.)

How does that sound?


Received on Thursday, 12 November 2015 23:51:25 UTC