New name for "AudioWorker"

We need to decide for a new name for something that:

- Runs off-main-thread
- Has access to a very limited set of APIs
- Can be instantiated a lot of times in the same document (much more than
Workers can or would)
- Is specialized to one domain (audio, video, etc.)
- ... ?

It is likely that we would be the first group to spec something like this,
but it would be used by other groups (layout people, video/image processing
folks, etc.). We need something that is not too tied to audio, or can be
adapted. I propose "Processor", which conveys the meaning of taking
something as input, applying a transformation, and outputting it. I'm very
open to suggestions though, this is merely to get the ball rolling.

Thoughts ?

Received on Wednesday, 7 October 2015 14:51:08 UTC