Re: AudioWorker status

On Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 8:31 AM, Paul Adenot <> wrote:

> Unrelated to the current effort, but it can be of interest, I was tired
> with working with weird indentation and markup, so I reformatted the whole
> thing with tidy-html5 (in a separate commit so we can still review things
> properly), and set up a travis-ci job to make sure we don't regress. I plan
> to extend it with link checks (we depend on some external resources), and
> respec checks. For now, everything is pointing at my fork, we can change
> than when we're ready to merge.

Would it be possible to apply the reformatting now rather than later?  It
gets really painful to review PRs when people reformat the original giant
line into multiple lines.  That makes me read ever word of the original and
every word of the new paragraph to find what actually changed (only to find
that nothing actually changed except for whitespace).

This makes it difficult to go back in time to find changes, but I'd rather
have that done now instead of later when even more changes have been made.

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