Re: asynchronous vs synchronous instantiation of AudioWorkerNodes

On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 6:09 AM, Joseph Berkovitz <> wrote:

> - Have createAudioWorker() return a Promise that yields a factory object
> with a method that synchronously creates nodes, with each node having its
> own AudioWorkerGlobalScope based on the already-loaded script.  Script
> *loading* would thus occur once per factory instance, but script
> *execution* would occur once per node instance. (this is my proposal,
> though I have little idea of what any implementation objections would be.)
> - Have createAudioWorker() return a Promise that yields a factory object
> containing a live AudioWorkerGlobalScope, and allow further nodes to be
> instantiated which share this same scope. Script loading and execution both
> occur once per factory, because the scope is shared. However this
> programming model does not isolate node instances’ state from each other.
> (This is my understanding of a proposal that Jussi made, I haven’t been
> able to track down the original. Jussi has said that some simple use of
> closures would make the state bookkeeping easy but I don’t think an example
> was provided.)

I prefer the latter, although the former works too. The ability to share
resources easily in the latter approach seems worth having.

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