"Edit-readiness" of TPAC items

Hi Chris, Paul,

There are lots and lots of editorial issues with the spec, as we’ve all noted. Many of these are not difficult or contentious. To expedite discussion at TPAC, I would like to propose that the two of you go over all of the “Editorial/Documentation” issues flagged for TPAC 2014 and label all such issues that propose a straightforward and obvious resolution with the “Ready for Editing” label.

The meaning of this label at TPAC is that Matt and I will merely ask for objections to committing the proposed resolution of each such labeled issue. The hope is that generally there won’t be any, and we’ll just move on immediately to the next issue.

Of course, for this to work, issues tagged this way need to contain an obvious disposition preferably noted in the final comment or few. (And if you disagree about the edit-readiness of an issue, that should become evident at the meeting :-)

Does this sound OK?

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Received on Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:19:22 UTC