Re: Milestones

For that issue in particular, I'd just intended to express that this should
get clarified before LC is issued.  I don't think it needs face-to-face
discussion (i.e. I doubt it's particularly controversial).

There used to be two v1 milestones, PLUS the last call milestone - I moved
all issues filed under one of them to the other and deleted the unused one
last week.  LC is just "I don't think we can issue a last call until this
is resolved."  If you'd rather delineate just along V1/vNext lines and make
LC a label, that's okay with me.

On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Joseph Berkovitz <>

> Chris,
> I noticed #356 was added to the “Web Audio Last Call 1” milestone a few
> hours back.
> To mark bugs for discussion next week Matt and I are trying to stick with
> a single tag: “V1 (TPAC 2014)". For clarity, to include a bug in the TPAC
> discussion, we’re asking folks to please use the TPAC 2014 tag rather than
> a milestone designation. There appear to be two similarly named milestones
> for v1 and we’ve never had a chance to discuss their meaning.
> (On the other hand if you didn’t want to include this particular issue in
> the F2F discussion, then please disregard this note!)
> I hope this doesn’t seem overly fussy. (Want to compare tattoos?)
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