[minutes] W3C Audio WG teleconference 2014-05-15

Dear all,

Please find a - belated - summary of the minutes of our last meeting on 15th May 2014 below. Full minutes are online at http://www.w3.org/2014/05/15-audio-minutes.html 

Topics discussed:

* Review of action items 
 with some discussion on the on-going work on making ScriptProcessorNodes work (in workers, and work, period).

* Constructors CfC
Mentioned the CfC, which has since then ended.

* Review PRs for promises
Uncontroversial, not addressed.

* Midi demos page
Discussed our plans for the demos page, how we wanted to add midi demos, and work towards having the list better organised between showcase demos and learning demos.

No progress on an editors/implementors get-together. The next f2f is still planned for TPAC in Santa Clara around Halloween.


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