[OFF-TOPIC] Spam Policy (was: Web Audio jobs?)

Hi, folks–

I'm encouraged by the idea that there might be a "Web Audio API job". 
Let's hope that there are lots of them in the coming months… it will 
mean that we've done our job right!

But as a gentle (but firm) reminder… this list is for technical 
discussion, not a job board. Posting either job listings or job requests 
is _way_ outside the bounds, and would quickly turn this list into a 
place where we can't do the job of creating the spec.

The same goes for notices of products, calls for papers or attendance 
for conferences or other events unrelated to the WG, and other off-topic 
matters. These are all dangerously close to spam. If you have a question 
about whether a topic is appropriate for this list, feel free to contact 
me and the chairs at team-audio@w3.org.

In general, we like to rely on social norms to keep W3C's lists on-topic 
and productive, but in some cases that doesn't work, so as a matter of 
policy, future violations of this guideline will result in banning that 
email address from the list.

-Doug Schepers
W3C staff contact for the Audio WG

On 5/26/14 4:06 PM, Matt Diamond wrote:
> I apologize if this falls outside the appropriate subjects for this
> mailing list, but I'm currently in the job market and would love to find
> work involving the Web Audio API (either incorporating it into an
> existing product or building something entirely new). Does anyone have
> any advice or suggestions for finding opportunities in this area?
> Searching "web audio API jobs" on Google hasn't been very fruitful.
> Thanks,
> Matt Diamond

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