Re: Consensus gathering for the Dezippering issue

Raymond Toy writes:

> Probably wanted  setTargetAtTime instead of exponentialRampToValueAtTime.
> setTargetAtTime is, essentially, dezippering.

You may be right, thanks.

But setTargetAtTime() doesn't seem right either.

Is there a reason to approach the new value slowly and
asymptotically, if it is OK to move off the old value quickly and

setTargetAtTime seems designed for simulating first-order R/C
circuits, rather than specifically for smoothing transitions.

I would have expected a transition from A to B to be the
reflection of a transition from B to A.

But I fear that the appropriate transition will depend on the
purpose, and this is going to get too difficult to specify for
each use case.

It would be better to provide appropriate tools for clients to
perform the transition appropriate for their situation.

Received on Wednesday, 4 December 2013 00:49:00 UTC